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    We are more than builders
    We are contracting partners
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    We take care of everything
    Bullders is managed by a staff with over 40 years of renovation experience and supported
    by the same systems.
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    We are more than builders - We are contracting partners
    Welcome to Bullders

Who we are?

Bullders Contracting sarl was built around three core values, quality, reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Bullders Contracting has more than 40 years of combined, design, building, technology and sourcing experience.


Building Engineering

We offer the full range of design/build services needed to realize projects, acting as the single point of responsibility. Our regular reporting loops and tools give the project’s owner the power to measure the success and progress of his project in full transparency.


Our architectural services include conceptual & detailed design and Construction Documents. We strive to create beautiful and functional buildings, and we complete and enhance your experience with our interior design services.

Contracting Services

Smart construction concepts using proven techniques, methods and materials. Our teams of experts will integrate the latest innovation in building material, to deliver a sustainable building.


What does it mean to lead with integrity? It means that you must define what integrity means for your business in behavioral terms, instead of as a vague, hollow concept that is open to interpretation. It means establishing the company's "moral compass" as opposed to just complying to your industry's code of ethics. And finally, it means having the courage to lead by example, to be fair to everyone and make your word your bond.



Our employees are open, candid, and truthful.


Our employees’ word is their bond. They do what they say, and live up to the highest standards of fairness and ethical behavior.


Our employees work hard to earn business partners' trust and respect on every project they undertake.

Dynamic Culture

Our employees constantly seek new opportunities to learn, to improve, to teach, and to add value.


Our employees love what they do, taking the lead, and leading by example.


There is nothing more rewarding for a company or organization than a industry recognised award for quality and excellence. Of course, it’s all about profitability and repeating business but there is nothing more satisfying for a business owner in contracting industry than getting recognised for driving excellence in every aspect of their business.

Continuous Improvement

In today’s highly competitive market, successful organisations must be open to change if they are to maintain their business advantage. Being forward looking and receptive to new ideas are essential elements of continuous improvement. Continuous means ongoing. The process never stops and sustained success is more likely in organisations which regularly review their business methods and processes in the drive for improvement.


What does innovation mean to you? click here to see what it means to us.

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