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Who we are?

Bullders Contracting sarl was built around three core values, quality, reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Bullders Contracting has more than 40 years of combined, design, building, technology and sourcing experience.


What we do

Integrated Solutions

We offer the full range of design/build services needed to realise projects. We manage the coordination of the entire project using turnkey solution and help our clients measure the success against the complete solution. In doing so, the project always remains transparent for the client, as the client is regularly informed about the project's progress by means of predefined feedback loops. We have specialised in fast-track project realisation. In addition to planning and realisation in parallel, the success of this approach lies in anticipating potential delays, so as to prevent or reduce their impact.

  • Architectural Design & Building Engineering: We offer the full range of design/build services needed to realize projects, acting as the single point of responsibility. Our architectural services include conceptual & detailed design and Construction Documents. We strive to create beautiful and functional buildings, and we complete and enhance your experience with our interior design services. Our regular reporting loops and tools give the project’s owner the power to measure the success and progress of his project in full transparency.
  • Preconstruction Services: to ensure a project that meets the objectives of the owner, the preconstruction phase is a phase of intense communication between our team and the owner in order to define in great details the expectations of the owner and the objectives of the design team.
    • Design Evaluation
    • Value engineering
    • Constructability Reviews
    • Procurement Options
    • Cost Estimates Reviews
  • Construction: Smart construction concepts using proven techniques, methods and materials. Our teams of experts will integrate the latest innovation in building material, to deliver a sustainable building.
  • Procurement & Procurement Services: through our network of worldwide suppliers, we have direct access to main suppliers and manufacturers enabling us to source material at very competitive prices while securing the best quality and after sales service.
    • Procurement Options: Comparative analysis between different suppliers and materials to ensure the best quality and most competitive prices.
    • Just in time Procurement: Get the material on site only when needed, to properly manage the project’s cash flow and avoid unnecessary expenses.
    • Global Sourcing Options: We have French and Chinese subsidiaries specialized in material sourcing that allow us to procure the quality and price that meet and exceed expectations.
  • Project Management Team of Expert Project Leaders: Our teams have been trained in German companies under the most consistent training programs; we put in the service of our clients a team of well trained, highly competent members that operate as per German Engineering Standards.
  • Facility Management
    • What is not properly maintained will certainly loose its value over time
    • Our engineering and construction methods are geared towards maintainability and ease of replacement
      • Civil, architectural FM
      • Electrical & Mechanical FM
      • Cleaning & Catering
  • Environment, Health & Safety: Bullders attaches great importance to environmental protection and safety. To ensure our staff, workers and subcontractors operate in a very safe way as to prevent accidents and injuries. The environment is always at the core of our project approach, starting from the design phase through execution and project delivery.

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